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Change My Life!

Six Weeks - Unlimited Possibilities

Being in a toxic relationship, going through a divorce or a major life transition is one of the most challenging things we can face and often we do this alone and without support. Change My Life 6 Week Course provides teaching, training and tools to be able to navigate this difficult time with support and tools that will help you not only survive but thrive!  This program takes a holistic approach to the whole woman.  Our minds, emotions, physical body, spiritual self and life skills (housing, finance, rebuilding of life) are all so closely intertwined and each area is affected significantly as you walk through difficult or traumatic experiences. This course is designed to support every area of your life and give you tools to move forward in a healthier way.  The work we do around identifying your old mindsets, habits, belief systems and road blocks helps you to push through and create new habits that are in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want.  We work on raising your belief in self, shifting your consciousness, setting your intention, increasing clarity  and putting a plan in place to boldly and confidently reach your goals. 

We bring clarity and give you the tools to immediately apply them to your life and go from surviving to thriving!!

How The Program Works

Because this is an online course you can go at whatever pace you'd like. You will receive a weekly video, weekly goal sheets, and two one on one video calls with Trena with the option to purchase more at a reduced rate.  The videos are designed specifically to give you tools to start navigating through life in confidence, clarity and the ability to remain at peace in the midst of the unknown.  You will have the opportunity to choose goals that will lead you to where you want to be.  This program specifically address common roadblocks and obstacles that can prolong this journey.   It sets you up to THRIVE!

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Weekly Video Coaching

Each week you get to engage in a video coaching session where I walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with things such as overcoming obstacles, becoming decisive, kicking out the chaos, mapping out your goals, increasing finance, shifting your perception, overcoming your fears, strengthening your confidence, keeping your accountability strong, building a strong support network, getting rid of your excuses, building your belief in yourself  and keeping your movement towards your goal.

Making Notes

1x Weekly Goal Sheets

Each week you’ll reinforce the lessons in the videos and laser in on how they apply to your personal process by writing your observations down. (I kept the written work short, simple and to the point.)

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2x Monthly Calls With Trena

Throughout the course of your program, you will have two personal calls with Trena.   This is an incredibly valuable resources because it allows you the opportunity to talk through roadblocks, gain clarity, and put a plan in place if you feel stuck. Something that might take you weeks to figure out on your own could be solved in minutes on one of these calls.

My Intentions

Reach Your Potential!!

To give you the accountability, clarity, structure and the tools you need to shift from just surviving to thriving!

Adopt a Success Mindset!!

For you to radically change and shift your mindset so you can release the things holding you back and shift to a new perspective to help you achieve your goals.

Keep Moving!!


To give you the tools to keep moving and gaining momentum to continue on your journey with clarity, mindset, power and motivation.

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