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Coaching Packages and Fees

Session fees:


Individual Sessions: $150 (1 Hour)

Group Sessions: $350 (2 Hours)


Sessions can be run in person or over Zoom.

$250 Introductory fee applies





Finishing Line



These sessions are designed to help you to clarify your vision and put a plan in place to help you achieve. it.  A lot of people have an overall idea of what they want in life and these sessions takes that vision, brings clarity to it and puts in place an action plan to enable it to become reality. The Foundations program will enable you to recognise the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goals and will build a solid foundation to move forward with.


$150 Per Session

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Going through a divorce, getting out of a toxic relationship or going through a challenging life change can be extremely challenging.  It can effect all areas of our life from our emotions, health, finances, mental well-being and possibly rebuilding everything, Transitions Coaching is one on one coaching to support you and help navigate these times.  We look at:

  • Limiting belief systems

  • Financial coaching

  • Building strong support systems

  • Goal setting

  • Clarity in vision

  • How to overcome roadblocks

  • Break destructive habits

  • Fulfill dreams


 $150 Per session

Building a House


  • Build strong teams

  • Increase unity

  • Develop strategy

  • Clarify vision

  • Support staff

  • Remove roadblocks

  • Cast vision

  • Increase finances

  • Support raising strategy

  • Personal growth

  • Spiritual growth

  • Spriitual mentorship

  • team building

  • One on one support

  • Leadership development



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Change My Life

6 Week Course

Business / Leadership

Looking at expanding your business, building a strong team or increasing revenue?  Business Coaching can help!!!  Click below to find out more!!


Want Something Different

Not a problem!  Just get in contact and I am happy to create a personalised package just for you.

Individual sessions are also available to be booked either as a top up to the packages or if you prefer book one session at a time.